Monday, March 26, 2012

Easter postcard

Vintage Italian Food Easter Postcard

I've just finished that 'typographic' Easter postcard, old italian Pasqua ingredients.
At the end of this week, they will be all nicely printed and send to all family, friends and clients :)

Happy Spring!

LOGO & Businesscards - Bariton

Mateusz Kabala is an opera singer based in Essen, Germany. Working in Aalto Theater, Mateusz Kabala has been also teaching voice at the Musikschule am Aalto Theater.

Mateusz Kabala - Bariton LOGOMateusz Kabala - Bariton Businesscards

Mateusz Kabala è un cantante d'opera che vive e lavora nella regione della Rhur in Germania. Si esibisce nel Teatro Aalto di Essen ed è anche insegnante di canto presso Musikschule am Aalto Theater.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Destiny Quote

Typography Destiny Quote

Yesterday I went to the cinema to see 'The Iron Lady', there was that quote she was repeating, about the destiny in ones life. Today I decided to 'illustrate' that quote, print it and hang it beside my desk, to remind me of the MIND POWER.