Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Island Resort LOGO

This logo was created in 2007 for the Island Resort Village in Siwa Oasis in Egypt, named Taghaghien:
date palms and little bungalows made of salty clay and palm leaves. 

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Murals - Dove Vai?, 2007


Dove Vai?
WaLL PainTinG, 2007

Private apartment,
Cairo, Egypt

This mural was designed for a young couple living in Cairo. The long and straight hall is the central place of the apartment connecting way to seven rooms. Owners wanted to add some life to that long dull corridor as it is the most frequently used part of the flat. Mural is smootly diveded in two chromatic parts: beige-brown and red-orange, all black outlined linking forms and colors together.

Dimentions: 15m x 2,4m
Techniques: Tempera, Oil Painting 


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Murals - African Faces, 2007


WaLL PainTinG, 2007

Private apartment,
Cairo, Egypt

This wall painting was created for the living-room with African Style Decoration elements in one of Cairo's appartments. For the empty space behind TV we designed very light, nearly transparent painting rapresenting African Tribe's female head. We have added another portrait of an African Boy near the bar counter and two small african ornaments on the pilasters separatig windows, to complete the look.

Dimentions: 2m x 2m;
1.5m x 1m
2 x 1m x 0.4m
Techniques: Tempera