Sunday, November 29, 2009

LOGO - San Pellegrino Terme IDentity

Logo and Brochure proposal for SPTID Competition (San Pellegrino Terme IDentity):

SPTID is an international competition reserved for graphic designers, creatives, designers and architects who are called to develop new ideas and graphic solutions for the corporate image of the San Pellegrino Terme territorial system. The area is well-known all over the world for its thermal baths and its water and it is now going through a reconfiguration process starting from an ambitious project of urban requalification.
The San Pellegrino Terme territorial system intends to equip itself with a new brand. A brand that will be able to tell its history (deeply marked by the spas and the mineral water springs in it) and its vision of a future that is being built: an area that is doomed to attract an elite tourism and where the focus of the fruition experience is both the physical and spiritual wellness.A brand that would be able to speak about new shapes and dimensions of wellness: those linked with the luxury shopping, with the body care, with the enjoyment of international music events, with fashion shows, with a foodservice that is entrusted to big names of international gastronomy. A brand that is able to show an excellent concept of wellness and where the pleasure research is based on the perfect mix of recreational and cultural activities, entertainment, shopping and relax. A brand that will live on different communication vehicles and interfaces that will be present in different moments and places of touristic enjoyment.